A Meditation on Time Travel and Disaster Recovery

A Meditation on Time Travel and Disaster Recovery

August 16

Work begins on a regular Tuesday morning, computers begin their morning whines and the coffee has just been poured.

A worker begins checking his daily email sorting: delete, save, delete, delete. Without thinking, he opens an email claiming he has won a seven day Caribbean cruise. Disaster strikes. The email contains a Trojan virus which sends itself not only to all members of the company but to all of the sales contacts in their contact lists. What can they do to keep this viral infection to a minimum?

They can contact their MSP, who’ll immediately set their well-rehearsed BDR plan into action. Before this email can attack everyone, the MSP shuts down the server to keep the viral infection from spreading. Business must resume as quickly as possible but with a server infected by so many emailed viruses, how can that happen?

If the MSP has been taking incremental backup images of their server, they can use virtualization to continue operations from an image taken before the virus entered their system, time traveling to before the issue occurred. While they continue operations from the virtual machine, they are able to resolve the issues on the server without much downtime.

Rather than sending the staff home due to a simple employee mistake, their MSP can jump into action, continue their operations, and fix the issues simultaneously, thereby saving time, money, and valuable clientele.