Time to replace inefficient DR tools

Time to replace inefficient DR tools

August 17

Businesses today have a variety of options for data storage, protection, and backup and recovery software. From tape to the cloud, these solutions provide various benefits. However, too many companies are utilizing inefficient services or technology to achieve results, making their disaster recovery process take too long, or not work at all in some cases.

“Data protection is not just about backup today, it’s about a holistic approach that tightly incorporates snapshot management, archive, reporting, deduplication, replication, search, and access,” Nick Wonfor, country manager of CommVault, a data management company, told IT News Africa.

According to the news source, demand for modern, high-quality data backup software is growing, and CIOs are looking to reduce costs while increasing efficiency. To get the most value out of their disaster recovery software, businesses need to focus on the most important aspects of any solution.

When it comes to business continuity, a company doesn’t need to worry about the backup side, but the recovery portion. Backups can be done regularly and over time, but recovery has to happen quickly. By making the latter more efficient, a business can increase the quality of overall solutions without actually investing more resources into them.