Three tips for successful online backups

Three tips for successful online backups

August 6

When it comes to backing up data online and using cloud storage, some businesses have unfounded reservations based on security and reliability. The cloud provides high-quality solutions for data backup software that allow a business to access its files swiftly and reliably from anywhere. These benefits not only help keep a business in operation should disaster occur, but allow it to get up and running even if its offices are damaged by a storm. By following these three tips, a business can ensure success with the cloud and online backup systems.


The key to maximizing cloud backup solutions is to keep data organized. This helps manage backups, keeps a business from duplicating data frequently, and simplifies the recovery process. By keeping files organized, a business knows where everything is and can restore critical systems first after a disaster.

Back up everything

Computers and servers aren’t the only systems that need to be backed up. Employees’ mobile devices, email, and social media accounts also need to be backed up, both for compliance and reliability reasons. Due to its improved integration though, the cloud can simplify this process and allow a business to back up all of its resources, not just primary ones, without increasing the cost of the service.

Multiple backups

Just because the cloud is reliable and easy to access doesn’t mean a business shouldn’t have a secondary solution as well. If internet connections are down and a company utilizes backup hard drive options in addition to the cloud, it can still get its machines up and running and ready to go once broadband connectivity returns, minimizing downtime even in the most extreme circumstances.