Three key considerations for data backup and recovery

Three key considerations for data backup and recovery

October 4

For a business looking to implement data backup software and disaster recovery, there are various points to consider. From how much data the company handles on a daily basis to access needs, these considerations can alter the solution the business invests in, or completely change the time frame for deployment.

1. Frequency of use
According to TechTarget, how frequently data is used affects the type of backup solution a company should use. Whether the business needs to constantly access data or occasionally utilizes it for a project determines if the cloud or another solution best fits with workflow.

2. Recovery speed
Directly related to frequency of use, how quickly a business will need to recover its data also affects the type of backup and recovery software that should be used. If a business needs to access crucial data immediately after a system crashes, the an online backup solution might be the best option, as it can be accessed from any system, not just the main servers at the office, allowing employees to use laptops and other devices to keep working.

3. Automation
Whether or not the business wants its backup schedule to be automated also factors in. With automation, the company doesn’t have to dedicate as much time and resources to the solution, but gains less control over it, occasionally having to go through and reorganize or manage backups once they have been created.

Ultimately, every business needs disaster recovery software, but the method of storage and many other aspects depend on a variety of key points that should be established first – before the company begins to invest in the wrong solution.