Three benefits of updating data backup systems

Three benefits of updating data backup systems

October 5

Investing in data backup software is something every business that hasn’t already done so needs to consider. Additionally, businesses using outdated technologies need to update in order to achieve true data protection. However, sometimes selling a solution to company decision-makers is harder than it sounds. To accomplish this, sometimes it helps to have a few of the benefits ready to explain.

Handling big data
Big data, or the current trend of businesses developing massive data volumes, cannot be handled by antiquated disaster recovery models. To properly protect and manage big data, a business needs a more modern solution that can keep up with workflow and incoming data. Ultimately, without updating, the backups will fall behind, and if systems go down, recovery will become significantly more difficult.

Faster recovery
With tape and other antiquated forms of disaster recovery, a business cannot resume operations within minutes, or even hours of data loss. However, with the cloud and other high-tech backup and recovery software, the process is that much faster, allowing a business to resume working within minutes of data loss occurring.

Remaining competitive
While following the herd isn’t always the best way to get noticed, sometimes it’s necessary. As more businesses adopt newer data backup solutions, it becomes harder for those that do not to remain competitive. By investing in the latest tools, a business gains the advantage of technology and security, and won’t fall behind others in its field should disaster strike.

Ultimately, the decision to update backup technologies lies on the need for them, but knowing the advantages they provide can expedite the process and bring a business in the modern age that much sooner.