There’s no excuse for no DR

There’s no excuse for no DR

August 17

With the technology available to businesses today, there’s no excuse for not having a disaster recovery plan, according to InformationWeek. With improving hard drives and cloud solutions for online backup, a company can easily implement a business continuity strategy at low cost and high functionality.

The news source goes so far as to suggest that a two-person startup can receive the same protection and capabilities as a Fortune 500 company today, and offers advice as to how a company can achieve this.

With cloud backups, any business can acquire high-quality data backup software. These solutions provide access from anywhere, low-cost pay-as-you-go storage, and off-site support. However, this is not a cut-and-dry solution for every business.

Different cloud backup solutions provide different options and levels of availability for a business. Smaller businesses may need a different service than their larger counterparts, and a company with only one office and no remote workers may not need the cloud at all. In order to deploy the most efficient solution, a company needs to examine its own operational needs, rather than simply adopt the newest technology out there.

A business that does wish to implement the cloud, however, still needs to understand that backup and recovery software is only one part of business continuity. Educating employees on how to access and make the most of the cloud service, planning for different potential crises, and ensuring not only data but applications and system settings are also protected all require more effort.

No company should feel overwhelmed by these needs though. With the proliferation of new and innovative technology, many professionals today are already keeping up with the latest trends, and new technology can be easy to implement. By taking a careful, studied approach, even the most complex technology can be introduced in an easy-to-understand, beneficial way.