The two-level effect: True backup protection

The two-level effect: True backup protection

October 14

Every business knows it needs to back up its data. However, true protection comes from not only implementing the right disaster recovery software, but providing secondary backup opportunities as well.

With a two-level business continuity strategy for data backups, a company will be truly protected from data loss, according to The Edinburgh Reporter. Backing up data isn’t simply a process of creating a copy of the latest version and having it stored safely. A company should have a tiered, dated history of changes and updates that can be backtracked or otherwise recovered. This protects not only from general data loss, but accidental deletion of data that might go unchecked for a length of time.

In order to be truly and completely protected from both natural disasters and fickle projects, a business can implement data backup software that doesn’t just create a copy of a copy, but allows the company to intelligently manage its data as well, backing up information and creating secondary copies in a way that eliminates all kinds of risk. With this, true disaster recovery can occur, whether it’s to withstand a catastrophe or simply a misclick  on the computer.