The top 5 essential data protection steps end users should know

The top 5 essential data protection steps end users should know

October 7

I don’t consider myself much of a tech savvy person. However, don’t mistake that for not wanting to know more. I recently picked up a virus through Skype, yes Skype! As I was cleaning up the mess it caused, I decided to do some research on essential items that I should know concerning my computer. At first, I would say this sounds a bit boring, but I was able to track down 5 key items that every person should know how to do for data protection.

1. Set Up a Simple Backup and Disaster Recovery System:

This is something I never thought about until my employment at StorageCraft Technology. Unfortunately, for most of us this is something we never think about or we have put it on the back burner. Setting up a backup only takes a few minutes and will save a lot of headache and heartache. How terrible would it be to lose those important documents, family photos, school papers, and other files forever? StorageCraft ShadowProtect  is a perfect solution for safeguarding your computer from a disaster.

2.  Protect Yourself From Viruses:

Just like a person needs to protect themselves from a cold virus, they also need data protection from those nasty viruses that seem to attack at the most inopportune moment. Windows users have long known the pain of viruses and other malware, but the good news is it’s pretty easy to avoid. I recommend learning the difference between viruses, trojans, and other kinds of attacks. Then install some good antivirus software to protect yourself.

3.  Set Up Your Network:

For me, understanding modems, routers and the other things that make up your network can seem overwhelming. There are a few basics that can fix most problems that come your way. Does your router constantly need to be reset? Make sure it isn’t overheating or clogged with traffic. Is your Wi-Fi speed and range less than ideal? Use one of these tricks to give it a boost. If you experience more serious problems, you can probably fix them yourself too! Check out this complete guide to knowing your network for more info—it’s got everything you need to know, from buying a router to setting up your network and more.

 4.  Regular Maintenance To Keep Your Computer in Tip Top Shape:

Why has computer maintenance become so confusing over the years? Between defragging, cleaning up temporary files, and other tasks, it’s almost like trying to maintain a car. The good news is you only really need to do one or two things to keep your computer running smooth and fast. Check out guides to Windows maintenance and Mac maintenance for more info and keep your PC running like new.

5.  Keep Your Battery Lasting as Long as Possible:

Running out of battery on your laptop can be pretty frustrating. I recently experienced this headache too. The battery on my laptop completely died in a 30 minute work meeting and I lost all the notes and data I had been working on. You may think what a dummy, didn’t you notice it going dead? I actually had the laptop on a mounting station the entire day so the battery should have lasted more than 30 minutes, right! Luckily, you and I can do a lot of things to keep it lasting longer. Your laptop has a lot of built-in power settings that can come in really handy.  And, if you want your battery to retain that life, make sure you know how often to charge it to keep it alive so that it will last for many years to come.

So the whole moral of the story is Be Prepared! I was taught this regularly as a child and sometimes I need reminding, don’t we all?