The StorageCraft Disaster Recovery Solution

The StorageCraft Disaster Recovery Solution

August 16

A few months ago, I was talking to one of our partners while I was working on a case study. We got talking about a training event he’d been to and I was struck by something he said.

For him, the most valuable part of the training event was the opportunity to talk to other partners and to see how they were using our products. I kept thinking, isn’t that our job?

Of course, you can never beat the opportunity to network and to see what other folks in your area are doing, and we’re not arrogant enough to assume we know every possible nuance and use case for ShadowProtect and its siblings. But I do think we can be better at trying to help you, our partners (and future partners!) understand the breadth of what we have to offer. If you’re only using ShadowProtect, and an outdated version of ShadowProtect at that (we just announced version 4.6.2 a few days ago), then you’re really missing out.

To that end, I want to share with you a resource we’ve put together to help you understand the complete StorageCraft Disaster Recovery Solution.

Below, you’ll find our End-to-End Disaster Recovery Solution chart, which walks you through the ideal solution, then explains the tools we have to create that solution. Are there any surprises? Anything you didn’t know what had? Anything we’re missing?

StorageCraft End-To-End Disaster Recovery Solution