The power of word-of-mouth popularity

The power of word-of-mouth popularity

October 16

StorageCraft just wrapped up attendance at an annual event that has proven to be very valuable over the years, SMBNation.  In its 10th year, this event proudly brings together service providers focused on enabling the nation’s small and medium businesses through technology infrastructure support. Having attended the event for 7 years or more, StorageCraft was largely well-known among this year’s conference attendees, perhaps even popular.

The popularity stems from the legendary reliability of our backup tool, StorageCraft ShadowProtect. Time and time again this product’s reputation shines through in comments from our users.  “It always works.” “I never leave home without my ShadowProtect IT Edition; it has saved me many times.”  “I know I can rely on StorageCraft tools to save my customers.”

As a member of the product team here at StorageCraft, I recognize the power of our partners’ positive impressions.  Often while explaining the functionality of a product component to an attendee, another attendee would enthusiastically join in to share their perspective of the importance of the feature.  It was nice to sit back and watch the word-of-mouth comments flow from one attendee to another.

As a marketer, I find myself elevated by the popularity of my product line.  However, my reaction is of little importance frankly.  The important take-away is that StorageCraft tools have earned their popularity among our users through hard work and consistent delivery.  Popular products, or people for that matter, rarely let others down.  Nor do they oversell themselves only to consistently fall short.  Popular products, like people, demonstrate through their performance and action that they can be trusted and relied upon to deliver. Based on the positive reactions our customers consistently convey about StorageCraft solutions, the popularity of our product line seems to be growing still. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to consider putting the power of StorageCraft business continuity solutions in your toolbox soon.

  1. Dale Unroe on

    It is through this very same group of colleagues that I’ve become familiaritized with the StorageCraft products and sell them as a best in breed critical service when onboarding new clients or sprucing up some of the old one I inherited. The product is so very reliable and bomb proof. The staff of my partner support and sales support – Mark & Rich, are accessible and extremely helpful. When I look at the seeming neverending list of competitors that come up wanting me to use and sell them, I have a high standard bearer they have to overcome in ShadowProtect and SCIM. Keep up the great strides in developing these products to stay in front.

  2. Nisha Burke on

    Hi Dale,
    Thank you for your comments. We are thrilled to hear your experience with StorageCraft is as positive as you describe.
    And, thank you for reading our StorageCraft Recovery Zone blog! I hope to see you at the SMBNation show next year!