The Future of Big Data

The Future of Big Data

February 5

Big Data is becoming increasingly important. In a previous post we talked about what Big Data is and we looked at the four ways to approach Big Data.

Let’s take a minute to talk about what creates all of this Big Data. Everything from web browsing to moving around with your smart phone (assuming location tracking is on) will produce data. Any time you click something in your browser, you are creating more data.

The data is getting very big and analyzing this data for productive uses is becoming progressively vital. This also grows your need to keep it safe using proper backup technologies. The more data you’ve got, the more data you’ve got to lose. The backup and disaster recovery business has to be able to backup all of the ever-growing data. But don’t worry, StorageCraft is ready.

Pew Research Center has published detailed research on the positive aspects and the future of Big Data. Their Pew Research poll of data experts showed that 53 percent agreed to the statement that big data “will improve social, political, and economic intelligence by 2020.”

However, 39% of those polled also added that big data “will cause more problems than it solves.” Respondents warned that “analysis of Big Data will be misused by powerful people and institutions with selfish agendas who manipulate findings to make the case for what they want.”