The Data Center – the Ultimate Geek Cave

The Data Center – the Ultimate Geek Cave

August 27

As I was driving to the office at StorageCraft headquarters in Draper, UT, I looked over to see three cranes at work on the massive National Security Agency’s new data center currenly under construction in Bluffdale, Utah. Whatever your view about the purpose of this data center, there are some things IT professionals just find cool.  Like really cool.  Data Centers are one of those.  They’re like the ultimate Geek Cave.  The physical building is cool.  The redundant, local power generators are cool.  The multiple, redundant fiber optic carrier lines are cool.  The fire detection and suppression systems are cool.  The bio metric security access and the Network Operations Center are cool.

But you know what I find really cool about data centers?  The fact that, finally, enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity services can be delivered at a price point that’s within reach of the Small/Medium Business (SMB).

You see, there have been wonderful technologies available for some time delivering high availability and very quick disaster recovery — but they’ve been very complex and way, way to expensive to support SMBs.  Yet “mission critical” to an SMB is no less important than “mission critical” to a large enterprise.  The scope of individuals affected might be larger or smaller, but that’s it.  Other than that, a mission critical service is just as important to the SMB as it is to the large enterprise — and the results of being unable to quickly recovery from a disaster are no less devistating to the SMB.  Out of business is out of business, period.  Again, I believe scope is the only difference.

That being said, it’s been fun watching the StorageCraft Cloud Services offering being developed and prepped for launch as a StorageCraft product.  I was completely jazzed watching a demo of a backup image being spun up as a virtual machine in the cloud  in a matter of minutes.  So cool.

So keep your eyes on what’s happening with StorageCraft Cloud Services (sign up to get notifications), I think your customers are going to be blown away at what you can deliver to them leveraging StorageCraft Cloud Services … and I think you will think it’s very cool – and, more importantly, profitable. Thanks for reading … and if you need me, you just might want to look for me in the nearest Geek Cave.