The Cost of “A Bargain” … and the Value of Sleep

The Cost of “A Bargain” … and the Value of Sleep

November 5

Like most of us, I have to be smart about spending my money so I can take care of my family and reach my goals … and one place I always spend more than I think I should is on lunch.  If I don’t bring something from home, I’m faced with a ton of choices, but eating out is spendy.  So when those hunger pains kick in and it’s time for me to head out to get some grub, getting a big fat polish dog, a nice slice of pizza and a big drink for less than five bucks at the warehouse store near StorageCraft’s headquarters always sounds like a great idea.  And hey, while I’m enjoying it I’m thinking, “Man, what a great bargain.  I’m going to be full, this stuff tastes good, and I spent less than five dollars.  I’m spending my money wisely.”  (By the way, I would never put ketchup on a hot dog)

And then about midnight, it happens.  I’m not feeling so well.  In fact, I’m feeling downright awful   The “value” of my inexpensive lunch turns on me and it’s not pretty.  I’m tossing and turning for a few hours getting no good sleep and all because of my decision to be “wise” about spending less than five dollars for lunch and getting great value for those dollars.

The last time this happened (yes, I’m a slow learner is some cases), it made me think about spending a bit more and sleeping a bit more — and what a value that is compared to the cost of an inexpensive solution to my hunger problem.

And, funny enough, that also made me think about backup and recovery solutions.  In the past I can remember thinking “OK, the servers are backed up to the tape library, but man, I hope we never, ever have to actually restore.”, and that literally kept me up at night.  Then at a recent trade show, I ran into a StorageCraft partner that said, “Hey, thanks for making such a great product.  It may be a little more than other solutions I’ve tried, but knowing ShadowProtect is doing its thing and that I’ll actually be able to restore lets me sleep easy.  You guys should call it “SleepProtect”, because that’s what it does for me.”

So, here’s to considering the cost of a bargain when choosing a backup and recovery solution … and realizing the value of a good night’s sleep.  Cheers!