The Best Things in Life are Free!

The Best Things in Life are Free!

August 29

This is not a rhetorical discussion of LOVE and its estimated value.  Nor is this a debate on whether we can (or should?) put a price on such intangibles as clean air, good health, or clear drinking water.  Actually, this post is much simpler in scope and far easier to quantify than either of the previous philosophical discussions.  Simply put, this is a blog post on the free ISO Tool utility that is included in every ShadowProtect software installation.  This little known and often overlooked utility is actually a powerful standalone application all by itself.

The ISO Tool utility (or ISOTool.exe build as we affectionately call it) is a program which can RIP standard (unencoded) CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks and then save them as a local ISO file.  The utility can also burn ISO files to CD/DVD/Blu-ray disk for when you have that itch to travel.  But wait, that’s not all (my best impression of Ron Popeil), this little application also makes it easy to mount/dismount ISO files as local drives– this functionality can be pretty handy by itself, but add to this the ability to author your own ISO using specific files/folders which you have selected and you really have a great set of tools all in one small utility.

Pardon me as I make a second attempt at mimicking late night infomercial celebrities and ask “How much would you expect pay for this snazzy utility?”  Not $100, not $80, not even $40, but you can get this utility for free when you purchase a single ShadowProtect license.  You pay the normal price for ShadowProtect, and StorageCraft throws in this ISO Tool with all of the clever features for free.  I guess this is finally a clear and simple way of proving philosophically that the best things in life really are free.