The Art of File Backup

The Art of File Backup

April 26

Comic book artists, stand-up comics and budding photographers all use computers to create and save art. For these kinds of users who rely so heavily on their devices any loss of data can feel like a disaster.

In addition to its headling-grabbing acquisition of by Facebook, photo-sharing service Instagram recently became available on Android smartphones. Nearly 5 million Android users signed on within the first week alone and Google Play shows there have been nearly 10 million downloads. However, some iPhone and iPad users felt the app was going in the wrong direction and decided to leave. The trouble is, once an account is deactivated, all uploaded Instagram photos are irrevocably lost. If a user hasn’t used some other online backup or saved the images to another gadget, there’s no way to recover that portfolio.

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How Losing Just One File Can Spell Disaster

For writers and comedians who primarily use computers to write and store documents, losing a file can interrupt their business continuity. Especially when it comes to Photoshop and Fireworks users whose files may take up a large amount of data space, free online services that usually offer 5 gigabytes of space or less may not be enough to accommodate entire portfolios.

A short film by Lenny Marcus for cloud storage provider Dolly Drive highlighted not only how important online backup is for writers and artists but how portable it makes their ideas.

“We don’t live in a one-computer world anymore,” said Leigh Kessler, head of Dolly Driver’s marketing. “People who create content on a computer hope that that machine is safe, and with them, at all times.”

Online Backup is the Go-To Solution for Lost Files

But most people recognize that individual computers and smartphones won’t be around forever; the average life of a PC is about 3 years, and laptops usually don’t fare much better. It’s important that users take a number of steps to protect from internal and external attacks as both can prematurely end the life of a device or put information at risk.

Online backup, portable storage, or investing in backup and recovery software can prevent artists and writers from taking a loss if something should happen to the devices they rely on for their livelihood.