Thanks to Those Who Participated in our Hardware Failure Survey

Thanks to Those Who Participated in our Hardware Failure Survey

October 2

We were very excited by the number of our partners that responded to our hardware failure survey and we’d like to give a warm “thank you” to all of those who participated. We’ve gone through all of your responses, and we’re taking all of your comments into consideration as we work towards making our best-in-class backup and disaster recovery products even better.

As promised, we’d like to share the full results with all of you because we think you’ll find the information just as interesting as we did. For instance, did you know that 71 percent of our partners have worked with a client while they experienced a major data loss? Or that hard drive failure is by far the most common type of hardware problem?

Another interesting piece of information, and one that’s particularly poignant for our MSP partners, is that for most MSPs (52 percent), illustrating the value of backup and disaster recovery services is the most difficult thing about backup and disaster recovery offerings. That’s all the more reason to take advantage of some of our case studies or marketing materials in our partner portal—we’re here to help you sell these services so that nobody has to be the victim of crippling data loss.

On top of that, these statistics themselves really do serve to illustrate the value of backup and disaster recovery offerings because they show just how often various pieces of equipment fail. Along with that, you’ll see that it’s often very difficult to determine which pieces of equipment will fail most often, meaning it’s important to backup each piece of equipment because you’ll never know what will fail first.

Also worth noting is that many of our partners had difficulty meeting recovery time objectives (RTOs) because they were unpracticed at performing recoveries. This is extremely telling—it seems there are many people who are not testing backup and disaster recovery plans with their clients, or aren’t entirely prepared with necessary documentation prior to failures or disasters. If you fall in that category, we’ve got you covered. Our latest ebook “Making Disaster Recovery Easy” walks you through the difficult task of documenting your client’s network with speedy disaster recovery in mind. Take a look to learn how to create a great plan that covers all the bases.

If you’d like to have a look at all of our hardware failure survey data, please have a look at the full results page to learn even more about hardware failures, and what they mean for you and your clients.

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