Technology makes disaster recovery easier

Technology makes disaster recovery easier

November 9

As businesses recover after Sandy, or any other disaster, the importance of technology becomes obvious. Companies with advanced disaster recovery tools tend to fare better and accomplish recovery faster, while those with antiquated solutions struggle to restore operations in a timely manner. For many, this difference can make or break the company, or result in major losses to the competition.

There isn’t a more advanced backup and recovery software solution than cloud-based disaster recovery today. With online backup services, a business gets more versatile and flexible recovery options, allowing data to be restored anywhere at any time, rather than only in the office. This can be highly beneficial if the company needs to move locations due to flooding or other kinds of damage.

According to TechTarget, a great deal has been learned about cloud computing versatility in a disaster after the September 11, 2001 attacks and Hurricane Katrina. With cloud services, a business can operate remotely after the crisis, or at any other time as well, providing numerous benefits, particularly to business continuity efforts. Even with primary servers offline, professionals can access data and applications and do their job, helping the business survive, and assisting employees with getting back to their normal lives faster.