TECH TIP: Using HeadStart Restore

TECH TIP: Using HeadStart Restore

July 20

Let StorageCraft sales engineer Brett Twiggs walk you through the ins and outs of backup and disaster recovery with our StorageCraft Tech Tips!

In this episode, Brett demonstrates the ins and outs of using our patented HeadStart Restore techonology.

  1. Kevin Steele on


    Thanks for your comment, I’ve heard of a few instances where HSR has created .vmdk files that are not partition aligned. ImageManager is supposed to account for this automatically when creating a VMDK. If you are creating a target VMDK outside of ImageManager (using the vSphere client, for example), we recommend that you add 18 MB to the minimum size shown in ImageManager to accommodate worst-case sector alignment in file system structures.

    If you are seeing the partition misalignment when performing an HSR .vmdk completely through ImageManager then that is a different concern. At that point, we in support would like to get more details from you. If this is the case, please take the time to fill in a Help Request so that we can document and duplicate the issue so the bug can be tested and fixed.


    Kevin Steele
    Technical Account Engineer