Tanda Technologies Preserves Client Data with StorageCraft

Tanda Technologies Preserves Client Data with StorageCraft

December 2

It sounds like the beginning of an IT horror story. “We got a phone call at eight in the morning from a corporate client,” Lawrence recounts. “The floor above theirs was hit by a fire, and the water used to put it out flooded everything, including their servers. The computer systems were water damaged and the fire department had closed access to the building, requiring our client to relocate to other premises.”

Lawrence Reiber is the co-founder and president of Tanda Technologies, a service provider that supports businesses with all of their IT needs. “Their business came to a standstill,” he continues. “And we showed up immediately to resolve the situation.”

Read the full StorageCraft case study, and find out how Tanda Technologies was able to:

  • Switch from data tapes and RDX cartridges to a reliable disk-based solution;
  • Replicate backups offsite for larger, site-wide emergencies;
  • Guarantee a recovery window of under four hours;
  • Fully and quickly recover a client following a devastating event.