ShadowProtect SPX Wins Gold at VMWorld 2016 For Data Protection

ShadowProtect SPX Wins Gold at VMWorld 2016 For Data Protection

September 8

If you’ve stumbled on this page while waiting for a system migration process to ESXi to finalize, look no further. New technology has made it possible to make migrations to virtual environments fast and easy. You can now migrate a StorageCraft backup image (VM or physical system) directly to ESXi with just a few clicks and minimal downtime. No conversion necessary or additional appliance! The technology, included in ShadowProtect SPX, won “Best of VMWorld 2016” Gold Award in the Data Protection category.

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System Migration Risks: What Could Go Wrong?

Whether you’re looking to switch IT equipment, perform maintenance or upgrades, or simply consolidate or test backups, there’s always a heap of things that can go wrong with migrations. Reading data from the old system and loading it up to the next usually involves a conversion procedure, and that can hog machine resources while data is being loaded and then verified.

Blue Screens of Death

Just when you thought you’ve migrated 99% of your data … blue screen of death takes over. Complexity is usually the most common problem with migrations, and errors can occur anytime during the process.


Virtual migrations may involve downtime, and depending on the data set size, this may be a problem in a busy business environment. Many companies can’t afford downtime on their critical applications.

Planning Time:

Virtual machines are put in place for high availability, but that doesn’t eliminate the risk of them failing. In case something goes wrong with the virtual migration, you need to revert back to a physical machine. All this means sysadmins need to spend a lot of time planning for migrations.


Not all applications are suitable for migrations to virtual machines, so if there are systems taking up a lot of CPU or I/O, they may not benefit from the move.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to do migrations to VMWare vSphere instantly?

Time to Change The Way You Do System Migration

Today, there’s a new way to do virtual migration to ESXi. StorageCraft launched a new patented technology that will allow rapid boot of virtual backup images directly on VMware ESXi hosts. No additional appliances, no more conversions, less wait time! This new feature is going to change the way you boot a virtual image in VMware.

It was demonstrated live at the VMworld conference in Las Vegas, where StorageCraft received a “Best of VMworld 2016” Gold Award in the Data Protection category. Junior Silva, Technical Product Manager for StorageCraft, was there at VMworld, and describes how users were impressed with the feature demo.

“They loved it! Some of people’s reactions: ‘This is a game changer!’ or ‘Wow, impressive!’ We ran a live demo to hundreds of people. They saw a Hyper-V virtual machine get migrated into VMware vSphere in less than 10 seconds! It was true innovation and the reason why we were the only backup software company to receive a Best of VMworld award in the data protection category,” said Junior Silva.

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How VirtualBoot for vSphere Works:

This new feature is available with ShadowProtect SPX from StorageCraft. It’s going to be a game changer for system administrators using VMware to virtualize their environments. With VirtualBoot for vSphere, you can:

  • directly virtualize SPX or ShadowProtect backup images as a guest virtual machine on the ESXi hypervisor;
  • permanently migrate physical machines or virtual machines from another hypervisor to ESXi with minimal downtime;
  • test changes offline for production systems.

Sysadmins need to be absolutely confident about their virtualization process. VirtualBoot for vSphere gives you the option to backfill the data from the backup images to the virtual hard drive and migrate to ESXi from physical machines or virtual machines on any source hypervisor.

Data from the backup image can be fully migrated to the native .VMDK file even while the virtual machine is in use. The VirtualBoot for vSphere system migration process reduces your downtime to a minimum. Once your migration is over, the virtual machine can operate independently from the StorageCraft backup image.

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Virtualize Backup Images Instantly

VirtualBoot for vSphere is the first technology of its kind. During migration, VirtualBoot for vSphere accesses backup images directly from the source. This means:

  • no need for an intermediary appliance (cost-saving);
  • eliminates the conversion process for the data (time-saving);
  • no more than one connection point for the data (improved performance and reliability).

Watch the video to see how easy it is to migrate a system with VirtualBoot for vSphere:

How to Get VirtualBoot for vSphere

You can use VirtualBoot for vSphere with your StorageCraft image backups. Just download the ShadowProtect SPX backup software and virtualize away! There’s no cost for this additional feature of the software, and you can easily set it up in the SPX interface.

VirtualBoot for vSphere requires a VMware virtual cluster with VMware ESXi 6.0 U2 and VMware vCenter Server 6.0 U2.