Survey highlights focus on cloud storage performance

Survey highlights focus on cloud storage performance

May 22

More companies are less concerned with cost than with the performance of cloud and virtual storage solutions, according to a recent survey by a storage virtualization software company. The poll, which gathered results from almost 300 IT professionals worldwide, was geared toward examining the state of private cloud storage and data backup solutions.

While cost is still a concern, only 51 percent of respondents described it as their main problem with virtualization initiatives, compared to 66 percent in 2011. However, 37 percent stated that they increased their virtualization budgets this year due to rising storage costs, and 34 percent of respondents revealed they underestimated the cost of server backup solutions.

This year’s primary focus appeared to be system downtime and slow performance, which almost doubled from 36 percent to 63 percent as a main concern for many respondents. About 32 percent noted that their data storage infrastructure noticeably slowed down application performance, or actually experienced downtime due to storage-related issues. However, these problems could be associated with adopting backup and recovery software that does not fully meet the business’ needs. Approximately half of respondents said they are using a solution that doesn’t give them control over different types of storage devices.

These problems can be addressed in one of two varying ways: improving storage solutions to better match operational needs, or simplifying solutions to better understand where the problems occur and try to then solve them on the IT side – a position that Mark Peters, a senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group, supported.

“Rather than simply continuing to expand traditional storage solutions, IT managers would be well advised to consider addressing performance and downtime issues with a storage virtualization solution that enables them to apply a simplified management approach to manage their storage resources in a single, logical storage pool,” said Peters.

The alternative, implementing better storage solutions, may be the easier route for many businesses though. A more effective backup and storage solution can allow a business to focus on other, more important operations.