Survey finds majority of business data is still vulnerable to disaster

Survey finds majority of business data is still vulnerable to disaster

July 31

In a recent survey of IT decision makers, Quantum Corp found officials at 90 percent of businesses say that their data is still in danger when disaster strikes. Additionally, 25 percent of IT decision makers reported a data security incident in the past year, 15 percent of which were due to a natural disaster.

Despite a nationwide focus on disaster recovery, businesses need to implement more than just a business continuity plan. One of the key resources for any company is its data, and protecting that data is key to surviving a crisis, manmade or natural.

According to the survey, only 68 percent of businesses back up their data daily or more frequently, leaving 32 percent still backing up their systems on a weekly or monthly basis, or not at all. Investing in backup and recovery software helps a business not only protect its data if a system crash occurs, but protect it from a hurricane or other catastrophe that would otherwise cripple the company.

With reliable offsite data backups such as cloud storage, a business can resume operations even if a natural disaster wipes out its office by giving employees access to work information remotely. This can help the business resume operations even while re-establishing a physical work location or replacing important computer infrastructure.