Summer is the time for recovery planning

Summer is the time for recovery planning

June 22

Summer is a crucial time for businesses when it comes to data backup and recovery solutions. Heat and humidity can cause problems in the data center and computer network, while also increasing the chances of natural disasters, such as wildfires, which can threaten business continuity.

Wildfires are more common in the summer, especially in less-humid states. If such a fire starts near a town, city, or rural area, businesses may have to evacuate their offices for days or even weeks. If the wildfire or any other natural disaster gets out of control, buildings may suffer damage and data could be lost. As such, this is an important time for companies to explore their disaster recovery strategies and ensure that they are prepared for such a crisis.

Wildfire season has already begun in the western United States, with fires in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, California and Nebraska. According to Security InfoWatch, businesses in these states and others that may be affected by fires or heat should ensure their data is protected with reliable backup and recovery software and related solutions. Additionally, summer is also hurricane season for states along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and companies in these areas should be taking similar approaches.

Data loss for any reason, be it a system malfunction or disaster, can complicate business and potentially cripple the affected company. Investing in system backup software ensures that the business will be able to bounce back after a crisis, rather than flounder. Every business should make data recovery part of its business continuity plan, as protecting data is the second most important thing to consider after the safety of employees.