Success Story: The Most Famous Isn’t Necessarily the Best

Success Story: The Most Famous Isn’t Necessarily the Best

February 22

A few months ago, I wasted two hours on the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick. The extravagant and hedonistic lifestyles of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were almost as revolting to watch as the actors portraying them (Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler).

It was supposed to be a comeback movie for the troubled career of tabloid darling Lohan. Sadly, her hoped-for recovery backfired. Once again, Hollywood made the mistake of choosing someone famous over a lesser-known but better actor.

I sometimes make the same mistake shopping, choosing to buy a more famous brand over a lesser-known but better product. But all it takes to change my mind is a good experience with the less-famous product and I’ll be a customer for life.

Last year, something similar happened to Guy Baroan, founder and president of Baroan Technologies, a managed services provider in Elmwood Park, NJ. For several years his company had offered a backup solution from a famous vendor. Then he started adding up the hours spent on the help desk and how long it took to get support from that vendor.

“We were losing money when we sold those backup solutions,” Guy says. He looked for a better solution and found out about StorageCraft from some partners. “We started using ShadowProtect and found the number of issues we had [compared to the famous product] was next to nothing. Our experience was so good we decided to tell all of our clients about it.”

Guy is now in the process of migrating his clients to StorageCraft as soon as their previous product agreements expire. Fortunately, one of his clients in New Jersey had ShadowProtect Server plus ShadowProtect Virtual when Hurricane Sandy hit.

“They had no access to a drive that contained their ERP application. It needed to be wiped out and then reconfigured. Once this was reconfigured, the image was restored in a matter of 20 minutes and they were able to get everything back to the way it was before the power was lost due to the hurricane,” he reports.

“Convince your clients to have backup images locally and also offsite so you can help them recover quickly if they need to,” he advises. “StorageCraft is a great option for any client that is looking for a disaster recovery solution.”

Read more about Guy’s experiences in the StorageCraft white paper “Disaster Resistance: Five Lessons about Disaster Recovery from Hurricane Sandy.”