Success Story: ShadowProtect in Klingon!

Success Story: ShadowProtect in Klingon!

March 31

Big businesses and mom ‘n’ pop shops aren’t the only ones who need backup and disaster recovery solutions. The captains of Klingon battlecruisers need it too, and thanks to the recent, groundbreaking release of StorageCraft ShadowProtect in Klingon, now they can.

As you may suspect, computer systems are a huge part of any starship, no matter which world it hails from. Everything from astrogation to transporters to food replicators rely on systems that are growing ever more complicated.

“Weapons,” says QurtIS, captain of the Klingon K’t’inga-class battlecruiser pat Hegh. “On the pat Hegh, we can get by with just about everything except weapons. We can even go without life support, if we have to, though suffocating in the cold dark of space will surely send one to Gre’Thor.”

But ship engineers don’t have time to babysit computer issues. In between battling mysterious energy clouds, searching for powerful new world-building technologies, or simply duking it out with alien invaders who lack all honor, members of a Klingon crew have plenty of other things to worry about.

Of course, with all this action, the stakes are high.

“Our last backup and disaster recovery software was a piece of stinking baktag,” QurtIS says. “We’d just come out of the Neutral Zone when we were attacked by those Hu’tegh Cardassians. We were about to destroy those traitorous dogs when a photon torpedo to our engines temporarily blew out our power and reinitiated our computer systems.

“I used manual targeting to keep the spoon heads back while the engineer tried to restore our systems. But that baktag backup software kept bringing up errors. Errors! We had to limp away like a bunch of bIHnuch. It was a disgrace! My engineer was eager to open his gut with his d’k tahg when we were away for that debacle.”

Disgrace and ritual suicide are not something any captain (or business owner, for that matter) wants to deal with. Luckily for QurtIS, and Klingons everywhere, there’s now a solution.

“I decided to try StorageCraft ShadowProtect because I found it running on a derelict ship we ran down for parts. The ship’s systems were fried, but we found ShadowProtect backups that had preserved everything perfectly. It was exactly what we needed to maintain the glory of the Empire.”

StorageCraft ShadowProtect allows you to take complete, pristine images of all your systems, not just the applications or crucial subroutines. Then, you can quickly and easily replicate those backups to a secure location, even offship, if necessary. It’s the perfect way to make sure that you not only have access to your data and systems when you need them, but that you can be up and running when it counts. You’ll never be caught with your pants down again.

“After we installed ShadowProtect, we hunted down that Cardassian HuH, knowing that if they shot out our power again, we’d be ready. Because we had ShadowProtect images stored on a separate system, when they hit us, we were able to boot our system as a virtual machine using VirtualBoot and we were back in action. Thanks to ShadowProtect, it was a good day for them to die.”

When QurtIS originally installed ShadowProtect on his systems, he was using an English copy he pirated “borrowed” from a dead ship. The ship’s universal translator did a passable job translating the software, but because he didn’t have a license, his ability to use ShadowProtect to its fullest was limited.

Obviously, QurtIS was pleased that StorageCraft has finally translated ShadowProtect into Klingon. He was one of the first to purchase an official license.

“Since Klingons invented backup and disaster recovery,” he says, “it is only fitting that we should have access to that galaxy’s most legendary disaster recovery software in our own language.”

For more information about StorageCraft ShadowProtect, visit the StorageCraft website.