Study shows businesses need to better protect cloud recovery

Study shows businesses need to better protect cloud recovery

August 16

According to a recent poll by a leading data recovery firm, 62 percent of businesses are investing in online backup solutions. However, the study found that only 33 percent of these organizations have deployed a solution that is protected and reliable.

With cloud computing and other online services growing in popularity, it is vital that any company considering this technology invests in a service that will meet its needs in a secure and reliable way. The cloud offers many benefits when implemented properly, from low-cost computing options to increases in productivity. However, without proper research a business can easily implement an insufficient system for its needs.

The cloud does provide distinct advantages when implemented properly though. About 49 percent of businesses have experienced data loss, even after implementing traditional data backup software. However, only 3 percent of respondents reported having issues with lost information after migrating to a cloud-based solution.

To ensure a business’ cloud solutions meet its needs, it should test its backup and recovery software thoroughly and frequently. Additionally, it should also ensure that it can share data easily between systems and that its bandwidth can support the needs of uploading and downloading often.

Ultimately, no matter what the business’ needs are, a cloud solution can provide numerous advantages for disaster recovery; it simply has to be implemented properly. With the cloud, no business should have to worry about downtime, loss, or other data-related crises. From storage to communications, the cloud is a versatile tool, but with data backups, it offers more than ease of access – it offers peace of mind as well.