Study: Cloud computing provides faster path to disaster recovery

Study: Cloud computing provides faster path to disaster recovery

August 27

As the technology has grown and matured in recent years, cloud storage has allowed organizations to realize a number of advantages that were more difficult to attain with legacy options. According to a recent study from Twinstrata, the greatest impact has been seen with storage provisioning, but it is not a one-off benefit.

Fifty-one percent of survey respondents saw scalability as the cloud’s greatest asset. The ability to move data off-site played a big role as well, especially when it came to data protection and disaster recovery.

For those that used cloud-based storage for backup and recovery, 72 percent noted that they could recover all of their data within 24 hours of a disaster. Of those not using the cloud, only 62 percent reported being able to do so. In fact, 13 percent of non-cloud users claimed it would take at least a week to get back all of their data.

Although these differences may seem minimal, the impact on a company that can get back up and running hours after a disaster versus days or weeks could be massive. In terms of business operations and pure reputation, time can literally be money.