Storing everything not always the best recovery solution

Storing everything not always the best recovery solution

June 6

For any business, data backup and recovery software is a necessity, like insurance or IT support. And like any other business solution, backup is not a cut-and-dry solution – it has to be molded to the specific business needs. It is easy to go overboard and start saving every bit of data to a backup hard drive or virtual server, but this can quickly increase costs and make organization difficult.

One example of an area where a business should more carefully consider the data that it saves during server backup is email. According to a new study by Mimecast, a mere 25 percent of email received every day on business accounts is relevant to work purposes, and only 14 percent is of “critical importance.”

What this means for a company is not that its employees are wasting time on non-work-related communication, but that the majority of email hitting its servers is spam or unrelated to business purposes, and therefore doesn’t need to be saved during backup processes. By investing in intelligent business continuity solutions, with options like deduplication and selective storage, a company can save both time and money when it comes to its data backups, and have a more reliable recovery solution.