StorageCraft for Vertical Markets

StorageCraft for Vertical Markets

January 30

Do you work with clients in vertical markets? If not, would you like to? As of right now, there are a number of our existing partners that work in a variety of vertical markets, and they’re all having a lot of success using StorageCraft solutions to service clients in these industries.

StorageCraft and verticals

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A recent StorageCraft survey (research by StorageCraft and Tech Validate) of 523 of our clients revealed that of all the vertical clients, the top four most common vertical industries to work in were legal, financial, healthcare, and non-profit. Of those verticals, 523 reported that most challenging to work with is the healthcare industry at 76 percent. Runners up are the financial industry (36 percent) and the legal industry (29 percent*).

While you might think that HIPAA compliance would be the most difficult thing about servicing clients in vertical markets, it actually wasn’t for our respondents. Instead, as with many other industries, respondents said that the most difficult thing about servicing these clients was ensuring uptime. Of course, ensuring uptime is a big task that involves many smaller tasks, not the smallest of which are things like backups, backup storage, recoveries and so forth, all of which were very highly rated for use with vertical clients by our partners.

Uptime is particularly critical for those working in the medical industry because any downtime can mean lost lives. As we discussed in a recent ebook “Making Disaster Recovery Easy,” it’s tough to ensure full uptime because of the sheer volume of threats that can bring systems to a standstill, especially with requirements as unique and demanding as the medical industry. But luckily, a lot of our partners lean on our technology to help with these uptime demands.

Additionally, those surveyed said that the most useful feature of StorageCraft solutions was recovering backed up data (87 percent) followed closely by storing and archiving customer data (65 percent), then testing clients’ disaster recovery plans (50 percent*).

Which StorageCraft solutions were most effective at servicing clients in vertical markets specifically? Of the 634 responses we got when we asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of StorageCraft solutions (choices were: not effective, effective, very effective, and extremely effective), 100 percent said that ShadowProtect was effective or better, while 0 percent said it was not. 96 percent said that StorageCraft Granular Recovery for Exchange was an effective solution, 98 percent said ImageManager was, and 84 percent said Cloud Services are.