StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop 5 Earns PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award

StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop 5 Earns PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award

September 17

DRAPER, Utah – Sept. 17, 2013 – PC Magazine named StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® Desktop 5 recipient of its Editors’ Choice Award for Backup Software. The business continuity solution software’s designation as Editors’ Choice was revealed in the latest review by PC Magazine’s editorial staff. ShadowProtect Desktop 5 received an excellent rating in the review, and this is the third consecutive edition to receive the Editors’ Choice Award.

In the review, PC Magazine lauded ShadowProtect Desktop 5 for its speed and reliability in the backup and recovery of files. “ShadowProtect Desktop, the consumer version of the leading enterprise-level backup software, is the most reliable image-backup app we’ve found,” the review said.

ShadowProtect Desktop 5, which is for desktop and laptop users, is a member of the ShadowProtect backup and disaster recovery solution that also includes versions geared toward small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise-level systems.

“ShadowProtect Desktop receiving accolades from a leading publication like PC Magazine is a testament to the product’s reliability and efficiency,” said Curt James, vice president of marketing and business development for StorageCraft Technology Corporation.  “Computer users, ranging from home users to server administrators, want a tool they can trust to backup and restore their system and data. As the flagship of the StorageCraft Recovery-Ability™ Solution, ShadowProtect has earned that trust from users around the world.”

PC Magazine Contributing Editor Edward Mendelson emphasized the reliability of ShadowProtect Desktop 5 in the review. “You’ll probably conclude, as I have, that ShadowProtect Desktop 5 is the one app that you’re willing to trust with preserving your data, and a no-contest Editors’ Choice,” he wrote.

In addition to being a quick and reliable backup and recovery tool, ShadowProtect Desktop 5 features one year of free standard support from the StorageCraft team.  For more information about, or to purchase or download a free trial of ShadowProtect Desktop 5, computer users can visit

StorageCraft is a provider of best-in-class backup, disaster recovery, system migration and data protection solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. StorageCraft business solutions give small and medium-sized businesses the power and capability to effectively plan for and recover from minor and major disruptions in business operations in seconds, rather than hours or days. In addition to the ShadowProtect software, the company’s business continuity solution includes StorageCraft ImageManager 6 and StorageCraft Cloud Services.



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StorageCraft Technology Corporation provides best-in-class backup, disaster recovery, system migration, data protection, and cloud services solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. StorageCraft delivers software and services solutions that enable users to maintain business continuity during times of disaster, computer outages, or other unforeseen events by reducing downtime, improving security and stability for systems and data. For more information, visit

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    1. Joe O'Loughlin on

      Regarding Shadowprotect desktop:
      I am looking for the following capabilities
      1. Windows 8.1 compatability
      Everything I’ve examined says Win 8 but nothing about Win 8.1
      2. I want to be able to do the following on an ACER S-3:
      320gb hd with Win 8.1
      create an image of the 320gb drive.
      Install a 120gb drive in the ACER.
      Install the image to the 120gb drive.
      I am assuming that I can boot from the Shadowprotect
      CD, use an external usb connected dock with the 320gb
      image, and successfully install the image from the
      external dock to restore to the 120gb drive installed in the ACER.
      3. Does Shadowprotect take care of setting up the needed
      partition and format for the target drive (120gb in this case)

      I’ve looked at several of the alternatives to your product
      posing the same questions above and get vague or downright
      misleading answers to my items 1, 2 AND 3 above.

      If I purchase your product will I be able to do what I
      want as stated in items 1,2 and 3 above?

      I have done exactly what I described in items 1,2 and 3
      above for WIN 7 using a product called EZGIG II and am
      pleased with the results. I am looking for the same
      capability for Win 8.1.

      Please avise,
      Joe O’Loughlin

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