StorageCraft Rolls Out File Backup & Recovery Product with Data Analytics

StorageCraft Rolls Out File Backup & Recovery Product with Data Analytics

November 3

Backup and disaster recovery company StorageCraft has today released the File Backup & Recovery Product with Data Analytics. StorageCraft partners will be able to use the product globally through its newly release partner portal. The StorageCraft file backup solution promises to improve the experience of MSP’s by automating some of the data management processes. The industry has shown a need for more efficient backups, with less hassle in management, cost of storage and downtime.

“For far too long, the storage industry has promoted a one-dimensional approach of simply adding more capacity,” said Matt Medeiros, Chairman and CEO of StorageCraft, according to a company news release. “Organizations are finally realizing that this model is obsolete since a significant portion of their costs is wasted backing up and storing irrelevant data,” he added.

Data Analytics Offers Solutions For MSP’s In Need Of Better Backups

IT consultant Scott Holewinski gave a demo of the new solution. The video above shows how the solution makes it easier to audit data, backup and monitor files. All without using remote connection or taking up the user’s time. Network administrators can sort files automatically and can set rules so that certain files have priority in the backup and recovery process.

The product is a great fit for businesses who are storing large amounts of unstructured data. It will make it easier to find mission-critical data and backup only vital files, in order to reduce costs of storage.

The File Backup and Recovery with Backup Analyzer can serve the following use cases:

  • Gain intelligence around the data the business is saving and automating backing up the important data;
  • Use backup storage only for important data —not for outdated information, copies of the same document, or employees’ pet photos;
  • Protect the business data of employees who travel, work remotely, or sometimes neglect to connect to the office server;
  • Allow clients to find and access files and folders from the cloud, fast;
  • Manage a file backup solution remotely and from one dashboard.

The file-based backup solution will complement StorageCraft suite of products. This includes the award-winning ShadowProtect SPX backup software, ShadowControl or ImageManager. ShadowProtect SPX, the company’s flagship solution, has recently won Best of VMWorld honors in VMWorld 2016. ShadowProtect SPX takes full image backups of systems, enabling fast recovery for businesses.

StorageCraft partners will now have the opportunity to offer a full business continuity suite with the addition of the new file-based backup solution including backup analyzer.