StorageCraft Partners Recognized in SMB 150

StorageCraft Partners Recognized in SMB 150

March 12

StorageCraft is proud to recognize this year’s SMB Nation and SMB Technology Network 2013 SMB 150 winners. Each year, SMB Nation recognizes individuals who have made significant impact on the worldwide small and medium-sized business (SMB) channel. Among the top 150 are several StorageCraft partners, along with our very own senior account channel manager, Mark Crall. Congratulations to all of the following StorageCraft partners who were honored with this achievement:



Aaron Booker

Amy Babinchak

Amy Luby

Andy Goodman

Andy Harper

Arlin Sorenson

Austin McChord

Bob Godgart

Chris Bangs

Christy Sacco

Corey Simpson

Dana Epp

Dave Sobel

Eric Townsend

Jamison West

Jan Spring

Jeff Middleton

Jerry Koutavas

Jessica Devita

Joe Hillis

Kevin Royalty

Rob Rae

Scott Scrogin

Shari Godgart

Ted Hulsy

Tim Barrett

Vince Tinnerello

Wayne Small


Be sure to check out some of the guest articles from Vince Tinnerello of Anchor Network Solutions in the community insights section of the Recovery Zone, or have a look at our White Paper How to Prepare for Disaster featuring Joe Hillis of ITDRC, not to mention our own Mark Crall’s awesome service level agreement guide, Objectives, Requirements, and SLAs, oh my!.

Stay tuned for more awesome entries from our partners.

For the full list of this year’s SMB 150, check out the SMB 150 site.