StorageCraft: Best Partner Program At ASCII Group Miami

StorageCraft: Best Partner Program At ASCII Group Miami

StorageCraft took home three awards at the ASCII Group Miami 2016 event, on the 22nd-23rd of June, acknowledging its efforts to boost and support managed service providers (MSP) on the way to success. StorageCraft was awarded Best Revenue Generator, Best Partner Incentives and Best Partner Involvement by the ASCII IT Community.

Jen Bodell, Channel Marketing Manager at StorageCraft, was there at ASCII Group Miami to receive the award along with Kevin Uttich, StorageCraft Southeast Channel Sales Manager, and Mark Crall, Sales Director for the southeast region. She mentions the  awards are a really great walkaway, as they are voted on by partners who are present on-site at the ASCII Group Miami event. What sets StorageCraft apart from the competition, she adds, is the time and effort put into training partners and helping them succeed.

ASCII Group Miami 2016 winner StorageCraft

What makes StorageCraft stand out, Jen says, is that each partner has a territory account manager, channel account manager, and dedicated sales engineer, and they work together to help our partners succeed. “I always tell our partners, those are basically three free employees that help train them, give them sales tips, tricks, whatever they need to make their business profitable. So I think that’s what makes us stand out”, said Jen.

What’s Next After ASCII Group Miami

Along with free NFR (not for resale) keys, StorageCraft revamped its Deal Registration program in April, adding further goodies for partners. The Deal Registration program will offer partners the opportunity to save up to an additional 15% margin on backup and disaster recovery solution prices.

  • Deals between $1,500 – $5,000 get additional 5 points off margin
  • Deals between $5,000 – $10,000 get additional 10 points off margin
  • Deals over $10,000 get additional 15 points off margin

“Our new Deal Registration program has been a game changer for our partners, allowing them to enter into new verticals, go after bigger deals, and be more competitive in the market. Also, the StorageCraft Academy eLearning training used to be under a paid subscription, now it’s free. We want to make sure all our partners are well educated and trained on all of our products before they step foot into a client’s office,” said Jen Bodell, StorageCraft Channel Marketing Manager, representing StorageCraft at ASCII Group Miami.

The StorageCraft Partner Network: Free Training, Marketing Materials And Flexible Pricing

StorageCraft continuously empowers its partners and offers them a wide range of tools and educational materials they can use to keep their customers safe from disaster and protect critical business data. ASCII Group Miami 2016 recognizes one of the main reasons MSP’s choose StorageCraft to partner with – access to free training for meeting the backup and recovery needs of your clients.

The StorageCraft partner program offers :

  1. Free training and certification in the StorageCraft Academy;
  2. Monthly partner webinar covering disaster recovery topics;
  3. Numerous marketing educational materials;
  4. MSP licensing information with pricing flexibility;
  5. Partner program for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

All of these efforts are dedicated to help partners gain and keep valuable customers through excellent backup and disaster recovery service and to ultimately help MSP’s and VAR’s get to profitability. Learn more about the StorageCraft Profitability partner program here.

The StorageCraft solution offers quick and reliable backup software top protect vital data for businesses and helps customers recover and restore systems if disaster ever wipes out critical files or folders.

This is not the first time StorageCraft has been rewarded for its excellence in empowering partners to promote and sell backup and recovery software – in 2015, the company won the ASCII Cup Vendor of the Year.

The ASCII Group IT Community Provides Support For IT Professionals

The ASCII Group was built with IT professionals in mind. It is a network of 2,000+ MSP/VARs worldwide and provides a portfolio of IT business-building services that range from marketing campaigns to a peer-to-peer business referral and lead network. The ASCII Group Miami was only one of many events that they have prepared to help IT professionals build relationships and better service.

IT companies that cannot afford dedicated resources for marketing, product research, strategic alliances, public relations, customer retention, vendor research and discovery may join ASCII to get support in these areas. The ASCII events provide practical skills in sales and marketing while offering an array of new business opportunities by showcasing the latest technology for the SMB market. You can learn more about the perks of ASCII membership here.

The Perks Of Being Part Of A Professional Network

Being part of a professional network in your field is paramount to business success. ASCII offers membership benefits such as discounts for manufacturer purchases to members, enhances knowledge through learning events and offers support for marketing activities. But the main take-aways of being part of a professional network are those of connecting with like-minded peers and opening the gates to business opportunities. Call it LinkedIn on premises, with a buffet and travel included.

1. Special prices

Many professional networks have members whose businesses offer special reduced prices for their peers within the network. But a lot of professional organizations also will have deals with companies outside of the network, for facilitating access to their events. This way, you can get great prices on hotel bookings or flights.

2. Help With Marketing

Social media, email marketing and PR – who has time for all this? Marketing is a field which is often overlooked and understaffed in many companies, however it is a pivotal department that helps with brand awareness, but also builds and protects the company’s reputation. A professional network will help build your presence through digital marketing and push free content your way.

3. Knowledge

Professional networks are a treasure trove of knowledge, so being part of one should turn on your lightbulb – you have instant access to a network of hundreds of professionals who can answer your questions or give a hand if your business is moving to another location. This way, a professional community serves as a educational hub that makes staff better prepared for their work.

4. Advocacy

Members of professional networks also become your advocates in respects to the products or services you are selling, so you can count on more positive referrals and a helping hand if you ever have trouble with another organization.

5. Networking

The opportunity to be part of a community of professionals in your field gives room for more lucrative business deals. You can find in this community: your next customer, your next distributor or reseller, and why not, your next co-worker, partner or manager.

Learn more about networking and how to master the group mingle here.