StorageCraft MSP Survey Findings 6-25-2013


The goal of this survey was to determine which version of ShadowProtect our MSP partners most commonly use, to analyze their level of satisfaction with StorageCraft and ShadowProtect, and to study the benefits partners gain from using our products.

At-a-Glance Highlights:


  • 92% rated ShadowProtect’s ease of use a 7 or higher.
  • 96% said they would recommend ShadowProtect to other MSPs.
  • 87% agreed that ShadowProtect provided good ROI for their MSP business.
  • 88% said they’ve received improved reliability of backups by using ShadowProtect.
  • 78% said they’ve had faster recovery of backups since using ShadowProtect.
  • 77% said that reliability differentiated ShadowProtect from competitive products.
  • 71% said that speed of backup and recovery differentiated ShadowProtect from competitive products.


MSP Partner Questions:

MSPs recommend ShadowProtect


What differentiates ShadowProtect from competitors business benefits of ShadowProtect Ease of use ratings for ShadowProtect Client ROI using ShadowProtect




“[ShadowProtect] meets almost 100% of my customers’ backup, disaster recovery, and archiving needs, across physical and virtual environments, and at price points that scale down to very low and very high-end customer environments.”

–          Henry Overton, Consultant, Turn Key Solutions LLC

“[With ShadowProtect] We can now focus on our job—backups and recovery—and not worrying about whether the technology will work or not. ShadowProtect works 100% of the time without fail.”

–          William Hammond, Chief Technology Officer, THEGreenBox Inc.

“My online backup business has grown from less than $1000 a month to over $14,000 a month in just a couple of months. The products has saved my clients multiple times—amazing product.”

–          CEO, Small Business Computer Services Company

“Using ShadowProtect has helped us to become ‘heroes’ to our customers who have data loss, server [failure], or other catastrophic IT loss.”

–          Sean Corbet, Vice President, Coastal Solutions Inc.

“ShadowProtect fits in nearly every backup scenario we service. It’s truly versatile and reduces the amount of time our techs have to train on different solutions.”

–         Jason Wood, IT Professional, Work Smart



  • Our most popular products are ShadowProtect Server with 93% of respondents saying they use it, and Small Business Server with 65%. Desktop edition (61%) and ImageManager (60%) were close behind.
  • 97% of our partners use ShadowProtect to backup systems and data, and 93% use it to recover systems and data. 51% also use it for migration to new systems.
  • The greatest benefits clients have seen while using ShadowProtect are saving time and money (36%), and saving time managing customer’s systems (33%).
  • As far as other benefits, 78% said they received faster recovery of backups, and 88% (respondents were asked to select multiple choices) said they received improved reliability of backups, confirming that we are indeed fast and reliable.
  • When asked what differentiates ShadowProtect from competitors, 77% said reliability, 71% said speed of backup/recovery (again, we’re fast and reliable), and 60% said it was the ability to perform in physical and virtual environments.

This information was gathered from a survey of 445 respondents on 6-25-13.

Research by StorageCraft and TechValidate