StorageCraft MSP Model: A Great Way to Protect Your Clients

StorageCraft MSP Model: A Great Way to Protect Your Clients

January 14

Guy Baroan is the founder and president of Baroan Technologies

When we meet with a client to discuss their backup and disaster recovery options, the conversation today is much different than it has been in the past. The MSP model allows us to sell software for a monthly fee on a month-to-month basis; the StorageCraft solution is much easier for a client to adopt at a monthly rate as opposed to purchasing the full version with maintenance. We’ve found that the StorageCraft backup solution is far less troublesome than our previous software of choice (which caused us constant issues). After years of wasted time that we couldn’t bill our clients for and with a software manufacturer that was just not able to help, we finally started the search for a replacement solution and we found StorageCraft.

Not only has the StorageCraft product been superior, but they also offer a monthly purchase option. We have been switching all of our clients to ShadowProtect. With an option for a client to pay on a monthly basis, it’s a much easier sale. Since there is no large investment needed up front, it’s very easy for them to say, “Go ahead, let’s do it.” In fact, we’ve been so happy with the results, that we provide the client with a free installation offer if they make the switch to the monthly model. This not only saves them money, but reduces the amount of backup-related helpdesk calls we get by at least 50%. This number should improve as we move more clients away from the other software.

The best thing about StorageCraft is that it works the way it’s supposed to. Backups are successful time and time again. The failed backup is a thing of the past with StorageCraft, which creates more opportunity to help our clients with their businesses instead of wasting time explaining why the larger software companies produce backups that keep failing.

StorageCraft also has ShadowControl, which allows us to manage ALL of our StorageCraft installations from one screen. We work with Kaseya for our RMM tool, which uses StorageCraft as its software, to make management that much better.

Thanks for developing a program that actually works the way it’s supposed to.  Finally a company that’s interested in making our MSP lives easier. THANK YOU!