StorageCraft History

StorageCraft History

June 12

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin, so when in doubt, begin at the beginning. StorageCraft’s history started in the 90s as StorageCraft, Inc. — a company that made storage drivers and other tools. In 2003, it merged with ShadowStor and became StorageCraft Technology Corporation.

For the first few years we focused on using the great tools created in the 90s and developing really reliable software from them. First, we offered ShadowServer, ShadowUser and ShadowSurfer, which made use of the original snapshot driver the company had developed.

Several other companies were already using our technology in their backup software, so we decided to use our fantastic snapshot driver to create our own backup and disaster recovery solution. In 2005, we released ShadowProtect, which has gone on to win awards and praises around the world.

The company is located in Draper, Utah in the U.S. If you’ve ever wondered where Draper is, it’s in the south part of the Salt Lake valley.