StorageCraft Featured on Business Solutions and Tip Radar

StorageCraft Featured on Business Solutions and Tip Radar

March 14

StorageCraft and ShadowProtect have been featured in a handful of reviews recently. We’d like to thank Business Solutions and Tip Radar for taking the time to review our solutions.

Let’s have a look.

Business Solutions

CEO Eric Brown and Technical Manager Kevin Danis at Remote Technology Management recently invested more than 40 hours testing seven backup and disaster recovery solutions in their Massachusetts test lab over a two-week period. Their seven reviews of various backup and disaster recovery solutions were featured in a recent Business Solutions article as part of their monthly review feature.

Since backup and disaster recovery solutions happen to be our forte, Business Solutions was kind enough to do a deep-dive Q and A with us on the entire StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution, examining everything from ShadowProtect to Cloud Services to hardware bundles. They even took a peak into StorageCraft partners Datto and Chartec. You can read the full piece on StorageCraft on the Business Solutions website and read the other reviews here.

Tip Radar Review and Giveaway

Tip Radar is an online magazine that offers everything from reviews and how-to guides to software and hardware giveaways.

This week, Tip Radar was kind enough to feature and review StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop edition as part of a ShadowProtect Desktop giveaway. Their results were pretty stellar, and we’re pleased that they had such a positive experience. You can read can read the full review, but here are a few highlights from their experience:

 “On their website, StorageCraft calls ShadowProtect Desktop 5 the ‘Best-in-class Backup and Disaster Recovery for Windows Desktops and Laptops.’ And in my personal opinion, that’s not marketing hype, it really is that good.”

“ShadowProtect Desktop definitely lives up to its promise of being light on resources… running in the background it only consumed about 25 MB. Although I noticed no discernible impact, I decided to run the benchmarks from AIDA 64 Extreme. They showed that Shadow Protect running in the background had a 1% or less impact on the scores.”

“Before I installed ShadowProtect, I made a cold-image with a competing product, which took just over 7 minutes. I was wondering how long it would take ShadowProtect to do a hot-image of the system drive from within Windows… it took less than 3 minutes; a simply remarkable speed. I mean, SSDs are fast, but the image was being saved to an internal mechanical SATA III not another SSD!”

Want to see what they’re talking about? Download a free trial of StorageCraft ShadowProtect and give it a try.