StorageCraft: The Early Years (Part Three)

StorageCraft: The Early Years (Part Three)

December 30

This month StorageCraft is celebrating its 10th anniversary, which is an important milestone in the technology world. Through the years, things have changed quite a bit. This is particularly true of marketing. For the first seven years, the marketing team pretty much consisted of Curt James, our vice president of marketing and business development, and me.

We had little to no money to spend on advertising or booths at trade shows, so Curt spent a lot of his time on the road, flying to various events, meeting with user groups, basically begging anyone who would listen to just try our software. I wrote press releases and marketing collateral and begged anyone who would listen to write about our software. This kind of guerrilla marketing works well when you’re in your first few years as a start-up company. People in this industry are pretty open to hearing what you have to say–as long as you can back up your claims.

At a certain point, every company has to give up guerrilla tactics and actually have a marketing budget. This is largely because of growth, and because people figure you’ve been around long enough to actually pay for your publicity. We were fortunate that we were able to carry on for about seven years on a shoestring budget. Three years ago, Curt started hiring folks and now our team has grown to thirteen, covering all aspects of marketing. This ¬†helped fuel the phenomenal sales growth StorageCraft has experienced in this decade.

Some things have not changed. We are still fiscally conservative, and StorageCraft is still self-funded. We hope we’ve kept a lot of the approachability and helpfulness of the early years, while increasing benefits to our partners through our partner programs.

But now that StorageCraft is a global company with offices in Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, as well as our headquarters in North America, we do have to make more deliberate marketing choices. We’re not just appealing to solution providers and value added resellers in one ¬†region, we’re communicating globally. We hope you’ll continue to let us know how we can improve and be a partner with us through the next decade and beyond.

If you’ve got any thoughts for us about marketing, our company, or anything, please let us know. You can email us at marketing[at]