StorageCraft Cloud Services—straightforward cloud storage option

StorageCraft Cloud Services—straightforward cloud storage option

July 12

As different markets explore and begin to adopt cloud storage options for business data, it is enlightening to have the realities of other cloud services become apparent while we polish and experience increased adoption of StorageCraft Cloud Services.  We’ve increasingly noticed that our pricing is up front and the control you have over your offsite data is incomparable in other options.

This is not always the case with other providers. For instance, this week The Register took a look at the real price of online storage in Trevor Pott’s article “Hold it! Don’t back up to a cloud until you’ve eyed up these figures.Pott smartly addresses bandwidth concerns and costs (on the upload and the download side) and legal jurisdictions in his write-up. We agree that bandwidth at our partners’ client sites is a paramount issue to address during the adoption of a cloud solution. We find that those with limited bandwidth make great use of our low-cost seeding service where an existing backup image chain can be stored on a physical drive and sent to our data centers for uploading while new incremental backup image chains are sent directly to our cloud in the meantime.  And, when partners are ready to restore to new replacement hardware,  StorageCraft again eliminates bandwidth issues by offering a free Bare Metal Restore drive service. Additionally, Pott recommends throttling your offsite transfers during peak network hours, which is very easy to do with our solution.

We also are proud of the fact that when a StorageCraft Cloud customer experiences a disaster, bandwidth concerns are not an immediate hassle. We’ve built in full virtualization abilities in our cloud so that if a premium-level user experiences a site destroying event they can personally run their systems in our cloud for up to 30 days.  Or, they can simply download important files if full virtualization is not needed.

But, it’s not just the way we handle bandwidth and access issues that set StorageCraft Cloud Services apart from other online storage options.  StorageCraft also always partners to aggregate their storage needs across customers and departments for a cost effective approach.  Unlike other online backup service providers that require you to purchase a block of storage per device you backup, StorageCraft allows you to pay for only the storage space you actually used rounded up to the nearest gigabyte.

So, when considering cloud storage options for your backups take a look at the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution including StorageCraft Cloud Services and determine if the upfront pricing, bandwidth management features, and personal control over offsite data are a good fit for your operation.