StorageCraft Cloud Services Best Practices

StorageCraft Cloud Services Best Practices

June 14

StorageCraft Cloud Services is quickly growing to meet the offsite retention needs of many StorageCraft Partners.  As partners have adopted StorageCraft Cloud Services, several helpful items have been identified and we’d like to share some recommendations with you today.  Below are best practice suggestions and a few system reminders of which you should be aware:



StorageCraft builds in robust flexibility for you to set consolidation and retention settings.  Because each business is different, all providers should take advantage of the built-in flexibility that the StorageCraft Recover-Ability Solution offers.  However, due to the related expense of offsite storage, StorageCraft has recently adjusted the default retention settings for StorageCraft Cloud Services.

For all new accounts and devices created after May 28, 2013, the new retention policy defaults are:

•          Consolidate intra-daily recovery points older than 3 days (previous default was 7 days)

•          Consolidate daily recovery points older than 1 Week (previous default was 4 weeks)

•          Delete all recovery points older than 31 days (previous default was 365 days)

Please review these retention policy defaults and your own settings to ensure you use the options provided in StorageCraft ImageManager and other products and services in the StorageCraft Recover-Ability Solution to best meet your needs and the needs of your clients. And remember, if you reseed a device, the default settings outlined here go into effect until you set your own custom retention settings again.


As a best practice, StorageCraft recommends that you replicate consolidated daily backup images to the StorageCraft Cloud. If more granularity is required for your specific needs, StorageCraft ImageManager provides flexibility to replicate your data more often.  If you do require a deeper level of detail, we recommend that you choose to replicate hourly incremental backup images to gain the granularity you need.  However, choosing to replicate consolidated daily incremental backups is the most efficient option.


StorageCraft requires customers use the seed drives provided by StorageCraft to seed the StorageCraft Cloud.  StorageCraft seed drives come specially packaged in order to avoid damage in transit so they are a more optimal shipping option.  Customers can order a StorageCraft seed drive from within the cloud portal for a $10 fee which includes the shipping/handling fees for the drive to and from the customer’s location.


As a best practice, when initiating your StorageCraft Cloud Services account, create your own account first as a master account and then create your clients’ sub-accounts under your master account.  Creating your clients as sub-accounts can provide a more organized account structure for your viewing and reporting needs.

Contact your StorageCraft Account Manager today if you’d like to discuss these items.  Please also reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback to share.