Sneak Peek At The StorageCraft Cloud Backup Solution

Sneak Peek At The StorageCraft Cloud Backup Solution

StorageCraft Technology Corp. is moving into the space of cloud data protection, and aims to be a benchmark in the field. The company will launch a Cloud Backup data recovery platform that will allow users to backup cloud hosted applications in Amazon S3. Users got a glimpse of the cloud backup solution at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 in Toronto.

The StorageCraft platform was created at the request of partners and customers, given the increasing popularity of cloud hosted applications and services.  Office 365, the preferred business productivity suite, now has 23+ million users. The use of cloud apps for business has been growing spectacularly, show Microsoft’s latest financial results press release. And so has demand for cloud backup and cloud management services.

“Based on the feedback we received and our analysis on the market, people need a solution to backup their hosted applications, so they are excited about it. It will be a good tool for our partners to offer. I think it will be a good product, competitively priced. It will be a cost-effective solution,” said Mandy Anger, Product Manager for the Cloud Backup data protection solution.

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StorageCraft Cloud To Cloud Data Protection Software

StorageCraft offered introductory demos of the new cloud backup solution at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. If you’ve missed the conference though, we can give you a sneak peek into the new platform. Below you have the core features of the cloud backup software and somescreenshots from the StorageCraft demo.

The cloud backup solution will will initially support Microsoft Office 365, with plans to expand to Google Apps, and Box.

The cloud backup software is built for MSPs and IT administrators as a comprehensive, exhaustive and flexible cloud backup platform to protect data in cloud applications and to easily manage cloud assets and accounts. Users can backup Office 365 data and harness the power of granularity on recovery. You can backup SharePoint, Office 365 Calendar, Contacts, Mail, groups and OneDrive.

The StorageCraft cloud backup software will be a competitive offering for managed service providers, adds Mandy Anger. “I believe that our product will be a better option for MSP’s, because it’s specifically built for partners. It allows a set it and forget it solution, and they can offer a lower barrier entry solution to the cloud application market without a lot of cost for them to set up or maintain,” she mentions.

cloud to cloud backup recovery dashboard


Easily Manage Cloud Application Backups From Your Dashboard

The StorageCraft cloud backup platform includes a dashboard that shows assets managed, recent activity and the configured services screen. It will show information on your latest cloud backups and their status. The dashboard overview also shows how many accounts are on each backed up application. Other data shown in the overview include:
– total size of your backed up cloud documents;
– total size of your cloud contacts, events and emails;
–  objects and metadata.

Admins can configure which users they can backup or restore. The feature will come in handy when employees leave a company or they transition to another project.

Human Error, The Number One Cause Of Data Loss In The Cloud

“The real benefit of backing up a hosted application like Office 356 or Google Apps is that the number one cause of data loss in the cloud is human error. If I write a presentation and then my colleague edits it, and then deletes it, Microsoft can’t do anything about that, but we can. With Cloud Backup, I could just go back to that point in time, restore the presentation and have it up to date. It’s the value of protecting data from human error or malicious actions,” adds Mandy.

IT administrators will be able to backup cloud data to protect accounts, restore them in case of data loss, or export data and search through accounts for specific data. You can recover and restore cloud backup data to the original user or to another target. “There are incremental backups taken ever 8 hours, and all the account data is there. Restore is instant and the data can be restore to original owner or to a different owner”, explains Mandy.
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What’s Cooking In StorageCraft Labs On Cloud Backup Software

The StorageCraft cloud backup software will enable users to select what type of backups they wish to perform. They can backup only email, calendar or other data. The Cloub Backup will fulfill cloud computing backup needs, and the team will continuously improve on software flexibility and features, says Mandy.

“At release we will have storage at Amazon S3, and on our roadmap is backup target agnostic. So the partner or the customer can choose where they want their data backed up, whether it is Amazon S3, Azure, private cloud, Google, their own Amazon instance. That is pretty exciting. We also have some other applications that we are investigating and looking into providing support for. Depending on what customer and partner feedback is, we will make the decision to support them,” concluded Mandy.


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Become a StorageCraft Partner And Profit From The New Cloud To Cloud Platform

The StorageCraft Cloud Backup platform will be an easy solution for backing up cloud applications. Partners will be able to backup their client’s data for one monthly affordable subscription. Partners and distributors will benefit from special prices. The StorageCraft Partner Network has over 10,000 partners. Learn how you can become a StorageCraft Partner and protect cloud data with the StorageCraft Solution.

1 million+ computers have the StorageCraft backup and recovery solution installed to protect critical business data. If you want to protect cloud data, we want to hear from you!