StorageCraft Australia Saves Bucks and Beers for Prominent Food and Beverage Company

StorageCraft Australia Saves Bucks and Beers for Prominent Food and Beverage Company

April 18

At StorageCraft, we fancy ourselves quite capable of saving your bacon. Bacon is delicious, but I’m sure many of our MSP partners also enjoy a malty cold beverage along with their salted strips of succulent swine. But where would you be if your favorite brewery shut down and wasn’t able to provide you with your favorite bubbled libation?

Don’t defenestrate yourself yet. StorageCraft ShadowProtect is just as capable of saving your brews as it is your bacon—even if those brews happen to be in Australia.

Surgeon General’s Warning: Tape Backup Causes Hangovers

The food and beverages industry has unique backup and disaster recovery needs just like everybody else. This is especially true in Australia where strange disasters are fairly common.  According to a recent article in Aussie newspaper The Australian, ShadowProtect can save some serious bucks (and therefore suds) when it comes to data loss in the food and beverage industry.

Lion is a large and growing food and beverages company in New South Wales, Australia. They employ around 8,000 people and are dedicated to providing beer, wine, milk, and juice to the people of Australia and New Zealand. Such a large company has an awful lot of critical data. When considering what would happen in the event of equipment failure, Lion noticed a problem in their backup and disaster recovery plan: the tapes they were using were far too slow to make decent recovery time objectives (RTO).

Recovering from a Tape Hangover? Try ShadowProtect

The company reported that in the event of a major server crash, they could lose upwards of $30,000 an hour due to lost production—not to mention the massive PR backlash from thousands of loyal beer enthusiasts rioting in fear that they had wet their whistles for the last time.

Using their tape-based solution, recovering a single server would take four hours. If we add that up, Lion would lose around $120,000 if a server crashed. But that’s not all. Lion reported that following a major disruption, there could be a full two-day turnaround to get things back together. That could mean close to half a million dollars would be completely lost because of how long it takes to recover using tape—that’s an awfully long hangover.

But Lion was smart about their backup and disaster recovery needs so they upgraded to an image-based solution before any money (or lives, you know, because of the riots) were lost. They now use ShadowProtect to backup servers that run all of the supervisory controls that monitor the manufacturing process. Using ShadowProtect, Lion can get a crashed server back online in less than twenty minutes, and even fully recover a desktop in around thirty. Lion currently licenses more than 250 copies of ShadowProtect for various purposes and intends to move other branches of Lion over to ShadowProtect in the near future.  We couldn’t be happier to be protecting data involved in creating delicious delicacies and palatable potations.

Beer and Backup Save the Day (Again)

It’s always refreshing (chuckle) to find opportunities to mention beer and disaster recovery because they really aren’t so different. When it comes to being the best of either, quality is essential, imitations are inadequate, and people in the know understand the difference between a decent product and an excellent one. So pour yourself a nice glass of ShadowProtect and enjoy smooth, unfiltered data protection— without the crippling hangover.

Photo Credit: Joel Olives via Compfight cc

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