StorageCraft Acquires Gillware Backup Analytics Technology

StorageCraft Acquires Gillware Backup Analytics Technology

September 29

StorageCraft Technology Corporation announced last week the aquisition of Gillware Online Backup to expand its existing cloud, recovery and backup platform. The move is one step foward to make the backup and recovery process more efficient and help businesses with data management.

How Backup Analytics Solves Real Business Problems

Complex data analytics will help solve real business problems and make life easier for both MSP’s and SMB owners. The technology will solve data storage issues posed by mobile workforce, data stored in the wrong locations, or the need for backup without a local repository.

The amount of data in storage is rising, as companies are increasingly using BYOD policies for work. The use of laptops, tablets and mobile devices has risen, and end users are going from contant consumers to content creators. A Gartner study shows that by 2017, almost half of companies will expect their employees to bring their own devices to work.

As the worlds of personal and work data are merging, what results is trillions of gigabytes of information. But not all data is equal, and the cost of storing and managing this data is rising.


Smart Backup & Recovery Technology

The StorageCraft-Gillware backup system is built from the ground up as an intelligent tiered data architecture for businesses, and will offer an alternative to simply increasing storage capacity. Businesses can have rapid access to mission-critical information at times when it is needed most. The backup analyzer will quickly identify which data is mission critical and enable backup monitoring for important files.

“For far too long, the storage industry has promoted a one-dimensional approach of simply adding more capacity,” said Matt Medeiros, Chairman and CEO of StorageCraft, according to a company news release. “Organizations are finally realizing that this model is obsolete since a significant portion of their costs is wasted backing up and storing irrelevant data.”


The Need For A Better Backup Process

Research has shown that the current backup process stands to be improved. A shocking study by GFI shows that 53% of businesses don’t backup their data at all. Some of the reasons have to do with lost time and productivity while taking backups. Fifty percent of organizations would prefer their existing backup solutions to be faster or more efficient.

Thirty-two percent of system administrators admit to not backing up their data every day. Some will say backing up is not an efficient use of their time. Interestingly enough, 10% of IT pros will cite having “too much data” as the reason they don’t back up every day. An overhwelming majority of IT pros (75%) feel that backups threaten workplace productivity.

But little do they know, that not having a backup can spell disaster for companies. When downtime occurs, recovery time is crucial. An Emerson Power Network study in 2016 showed that  companies spent a minimum cost of $926 per minute of unplanned outage.

Backup Analytics Will Be Available In November

Knowing what’s in your data drawers automatically, through a quick backup analysis, will be a great help to sysadmins. The StorageCraft-Gillware backup analyzer will identify, track and protect important data for businesses.

“I’m really excited about the Gillware talent pool – world class technologists in data access and analytics,” said StorageCraft Chief Technology Officer Scott Barnes. “Gillware’s predictive capabilities enable our solution to determine which data is mission-critical: What do I need now?  Not all data is equal.”

Effective immediately, existing Gillware and StorageCraft partners will have full access to the products via the Gillware portal. All products will be available globally via StorageCraft’s partner portal in November.