StorageCraft Adds G Suite Backup to its Cloud Backup Software

StorageCraft Adds G Suite Backup to its Cloud Backup Software

April 17

StorageCraft has now added G Suite (Google Apps) backup service to its Cloud Backup software. G Suite backup from StorageCraft will cover all your data protection needs for SaaS software, from Gmail to Google Calendar and Google Sites. The new features of Cloud Backup are built with administrators in mind, making search and data restore easier than ever, in case of data loss.

Cloud Data Protection

Cloud applications have changed not only how we communicate, but how we work as well. The percentage of employees who are working from home or occasionally telecommuting is on the rise. This trend is good for business, as research has shown that work flexibility keeps employees more motivated and more engaged.

G Suite by Google Cloud provides advantages to organizations of all sizes, like: increased productivity, flexibility and collaboration. This is why data from G Suite deserves just as much protection as on-premises systems.

However, as more and more businesses are switching to the cloud, it is evident that SaaS data is not safe from human error, hackers or malicious deletes.

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Best G Suite Backup with StorageCraft Cloud Backup Software

To meet this critical need for cloud-based protection, StorageCraft Cloud Backup software for G Suite provides a flexible, easy to-use cloud backup solution for the protection, management and recovery of G Suite data. It is protected, encrypted and made available through an intuitive, web-based interface. Users can quickly recover a file, a folder, or an entire user account quickly and easily in its original format.

StorageCraft Cloud Backup software for G Suite provides protection for:
• Gmail
• Calendars and Contacts
• Google Drive
• Google Sites
• Public Shared Folders

StorageCraft Cloud Backup software allows searching across both included services, Office 365 and G Suite. It also allows the ability to restore items from one service to another. You can restore data from Office 365 Exchange to Gmail, for example.

If you’re interested in a safe way to backup G Suite (Google Apps), contact us to get a demo! Your cloud data safety is our priority.