Extra Budget? Spend it on Disaster Recovery

Extra Budget? Spend it on Disaster Recovery

October 3

With all of this government shutdown business, a lot of us are thinking about budgets. Since it’s the beginning of the fiscal year, many businesses might have a budget they’d like to start spending, and hopefully they’ve got some wiggle room for things they might not have as a line-item. Did your company remember to allocate for a disaster recovery plan with all the software and hardware it needs to function correctly when called upon? Is all organizational data backed up securely?

What about an internal IT staff and their training level? Allocating dollars towards additional technical certification classes benefit both the company and their employees’ careers, while fostering good will in the office. Putting together a shopping list for an IT managed service provider can be a straightforward process.

Allocating Advertising and Marketing Budget

Advertising and marketing are important aspects of any IT company’s success. A managed service provider having the best technology stack and a sterling uptime record means little if potential customers remain unaware of that company. A great way to spend some funds is on some targeted advertising.

Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive and can be finely targeted at a specific group of users. Advertising in a local business magazine is another great way to get a company noticed in its region. One point worth noting about spending advertising dollars — they are generally direct expenses with no capital brought back into the company, which makes tax time a bit easier to manage. Those same tax benefits also apply to dollars spent on employee training and continuing education.

Making Sure a Disaster Recovery Plan has Everything it Needs

A half-baked or poorly implemented disaster recovery plan can be as damaging to a company as not having one in the first place. The smart company can spend IT budget money on ensuring a disaster recovery plan’s success through extra hardware and software to support the process. In addition, earmarking some employee overtime to fully test the plan under a variety of scenarios is a great way to ensure its success when needed.

This is the kind of smart budgetary investment that makes sense in today’s era, especially for organizations located on the East Coast. Another Superstorm Sandy might become a regular occurrence.

Moving to the Cloud for Data Backup and More

Fully implementing a Cloud-based strategy for an organization’s data backup needs is another intelligent use of  budgetary money. Cloud-based recovery options provide IT companies with the piece of mind knowing their virtual information technology assets are secure and valuable corporate data is safely backed up.

The start of the fiscal year is a good time for any IT managed service providers to take stock of how the year has gone, while leveraging the opportunity to use of new budget money in a wise manner to continue to grow the business.

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