Software Tools and Apps to Help Students

Software Tools and Apps to Help Students

October 1

A wide range of software tools and mobile apps exist to help students with studying and ultimately learning a variety of subjects. Interactivity helps with the educational process, as the individual student is able to work at his or her own pace to master the material at hand. The best apps and tools challenge the learner, while making the effort fun and rewarding to maintain their interest.

What follows is a quick glance at a few learning tools available for both the desktop and the popular mobile platforms. In many cases, the best thing is to try out any free trial version of the tool to make sure the product lives up to its promises.

BRAINtastic Provides a Full Range of Learning Activities for Students from 5 to 15

The BRAINtastic Mega Bundle is an educational software package for the PC and Mac platforms available through Broderbund Software. Aimed at students aged from 5 to 15, BRAINtastic offers a range of sequenced learning activities that cover the reading, math, and word skill subjects taught at the Elementary and Junior High School levels. The bundle package contains over 17,000 different activities with an attractive price of $69.

The learning tool leverages a variety of games and activities to foster the learning process. It provides customization which allows the content to be tailored to the student’s capability level and individual interests. Data for up to 10 students can be tracked in the package, making the software great for families.

Science360 Provides Inspiration for Fledgling Scientists

Science360 is a free app provided by National Science Foundation suitable for students from pre-school all the way up to college. The app is available for both the iOS and Android platforms, but really shines on the iPad or an equivalent Android tablet computer. It is essentially a media-driven encyclopedia of all things science, providing pictures, graphics, and video for a whole range of scientific subjects with background material.

The app’s interface is easy to use, which makes the tool simple to navigate for pre-schoolers, but providing enough scientific material to inspire even college-level students. It also links to current scientific news which helps to keep the underlying content fresh and relevant.

MathBoard Helps Students Master Mathematics

MathBoard is a learning tool for both the iOS and Android platforms that is suitable for students learning math from simple addition and subtraction all the way to basic algebra equations. The app is priced at $4.99 for both platforms. It features a chalkboard interface that nicely steps the student through each part of more complex problems, like long division, as well as convenient progress tracking for multiple students.

Learning becomes an easier process when supported by software tools that inspire and assist. These three educational programs for both desktop and mobile platforms make learning fun for students, helping them to achieve better grades in school.

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