SMBs newest target for virtualization

SMBs newest target for virtualization

September 4

As small and medium-sized businesses increase adoption of modern technology, virtualization is becoming a far more popular solution for disaster recovery and data needs. According a study released earlier this year by Spiceworks, 77 percent of SMBs have already implemented virtualization tools for data backup software or are planning to do so in the near future.

The main difference between a small business’ IT needs and a larger one’s is that an SMB has to do everything with a smaller team of professionals. Russ Stockdale, vice president and general manager of VMware’s SMB solutions, said in a release that the core demands of IT on a business are the same regardless of size, and the key is the IT team’s ability to respond swiftly and keep the company up and running.

Data backup and recovery in particular is an area that no company can risk skipping out on. Ensuring business continuity through even the worst of storms is essential to running a successful business, and virtualization can help any company accomplish this with easier organization, more reliable backups, and faster recovery times.

Implementing virtualization is a matter of having the infrastructure in place to support a virtual environment and the resources to manage it. Any business with a knowledgeable IT staff and the willpower to see the strategy through can successfully invest in virtualization and make system backup software easier to utilize.

The cloud is another tool that can simplify disaster recovery strategies and help a business implement virtualization. With the cloud as a backup storage tool, a business can ensure that its virtual resources are entirely protected from harm should a natural disaster strike or a power failure that results in data loss occur.