SMBs can reap benefits of enterprise backup solutions

SMBs can reap benefits of enterprise backup solutions

June 28

As system backup and recovery software improves, and many solutions move to the cloud, more small and medium-sized businesses are able to take advantage of services that were once available to only large enterprises. According to TechTarget, this can help SMBs that do not have the IT staffing on par with larger companies, enabling them to take advantage of services such as virtualization and the cloud.

According to the news source, many SMB server backup solutions did not previously support tools that are commonly found today in almost every disaster recovery service. Problems such as I/O bottlenecks and similar issues would still occur. Improved solutions today work around these problems efficiently while remaining cost-effective as well, giving SMBs access to options they may not have had before.

Utilizing cloud-based storage, backup, and recovery solutions is not always a simple jump for a business, but new software today makes this easier than ever. One example the news source cited is VMware, which communicates backup attempts without running every virtual machine at once automatically or requiring IT staff to actively work through each instance. Additionally, data deduplication options are improving, decreasing disaster recovery times and speeding up the backup process as well.

Ultimately, deploying a backup solution is vital to the security of a business, but deploying one that matches company needs adequately is just as important. With solutions improving and offering more features and functionality, such as cloud storage, SMBs will have an easier time finding a service that matches their needs while remaining cost-effective and not draining other resources as well.