Small businesses need to better prepare for disaster

Small businesses need to better prepare for disaster

July 25

Too many businesses are lacking the necessary tools to adequately prepare for a disaster, despite implementing data backup software and insurance coverage. According to the Whitecourt Star, 98 percent of small businesses back up their data, but 72 percent only back up on-site, where data is still susceptible to destruction by natural disaster.

Additionally, according to the news source, only 29 percent of SMBs have a disaster plan for business continuity outside of their backup and recovery software solutions.

“What we found in the survey is it’s one of those, ‘Well, I haven’t had any issues so I don’t really know that I need to do that,’ and 41 percent of them said this,” Nancy Harris, vice president of the firm that conducted the survey, told the news source.

For a small business, preparing for a disaster can take time, a precious commodity that many do not have to spare. This drives forward the need for reliable and effective disaster recovery software, which takes the stress of backing up data off the business and allows the company to focus on developing the rest of its continuity strategy.

When it comes to disaster recovery plans, backing up data is only part of the equation. Businesses also have to prepare for a crisis monetarily, requiring insurance and more. Sometimes backing up data isn’t enough, like when a tornado or hurricane destroys the business’ computer systems. The business won’t be able to recover quickly as it will have no infrastructure to recover its data to, requiring all new computers and servers to be purchased.

According to Foster’s Daily Democrat, reviewing and updating disaster insurance policies is necessary to overcome financial challenges as well. By backing up data and having the insurance to replace any technology needed after a disaster, a company will be in good shape to survive any crisis.