Small Businesses Need to Improve Data Storage, Backup Strategies

Small Businesses Need to Improve Data Storage, Backup Strategies

June 18

Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle when it comes to data backup and recovery, shows a study by Ipsos-Reid. According to eWeek, 35 percent of small business owners do not understand proper storage, security, or backup protocols for confidential data. This demonstrates a major disconnect between small and enterprise-sized companies. In the case of enterprise companies, 95 percent are aware of legal requirements for storage compliance.

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Half of Small Businesses Unaware of Data Loss Risks

While many companies deal with confidential data on a daily basis, not all understand how to properly take care of that data. According to the study, 51 percent of small business owners are unaware of the risks that data loss poses. They believe that any loss, either from security breach or lack of disaster recovery, would not seriously hurt the company. Additionally, 46 percent of respondents said they do not have anyone responsible for mitigating such risks.

Ultimately, improving data security starts with ensuring files are recoverable should loss occur for any reason. Deploying a backup solution, either in the cloud or through off-site storage, a company can rest easy. The data is only a few clicks away should a system crash or security breach occur.

Small businesses may not have the budget to hire IT professionals or data security specialists. But reliable backup and recovery software can mitigate the chances of data loss. While only a partial step toward minimizing security risks, investing in system backup software can also improve awareness of storage and security issues. It can also give the business a starting point for implementing training and other efforts to further ensure the safety of its data.